About Huntley & Huntley

Now in its fourth generation of ownership, Huntley & Huntley has been led by private families since its founding in 1912 as a geologic and engineering consulting firm for the oil and natural gas industry. The company has been intentionally structured to remain smart, agile, networked and opportunistic as the industry has grown and fluctuated over the years.

A History of Innovation

During its first eight decades in business, Huntley & Huntley performed reserve studies, reserve appraisals, project risk analysis, and feasibility studies for both privately-owned and publicly held institutions. The firm’s first offices were located on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh to coincide with the University’s desire in 1912 to establish the first educational department in the United States focused on the technology of oil and gas, and possibly the first such department in the world. The firm’s original founders wrote the initial textbooks and outlined the original course curriculum that led to the first college degrees in this field.

As its reputation grew as a leading worldwide consulting firm, Huntley & Huntley developed client relationships with many significant participants in the O&G industry, and acquired extensive knowledge and data on most major and minor fields. The company earned a reputation for delivering competent, reliable and professional advice and supervision to help its clients locate solid, low risk drilling opportunities. Its diverse clientele included major O&G families, corporations, financial institutions, utilities and industrial concerns including legendary pioneers such as M. L. Benedum, as well as many of the US based O&G companies that emerged during the twentieth century. The Company was acknowledged for discovering many major oil fields both within and outside of the United States. For example, outside of the United States, the most notable field was located at Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela.

Known for its competence and performance based upon a proven success ratio that was among the best in its field, Huntley & Huntley gained the respect of owners, drillers, and operators of oil and gas wells and reserves. The company built and accumulated some of the most extensive privately held geologic databases in the industry.

Today’s Focus

In 1995, the firm shifted its focus from being a geologic and engineering consulting firm to exclusively finding, developing and producing oil and natural gas reserves. We have owned oil and gas interests in operated and non-operated, and conventional and unconventional reservoirs. We have utilized both vertical and horizontal well bore technology within multiple hydrocarbon basins across the Country. In partnership with other companies, the Company was one of the first to experiment and successfully prove the Woodford Shale of Southern Oklahoma to be an economic horizon. Within another esteemed partnership, Huntley & Huntley acquired SW Pennsylvania’s last significant contiguous Tier 1 Marcellus, Tier 1 Upper Devonian, and Tier 1 Utica, together in the same leasehold acreage position within SW Pennsylvania’s known unconventional shale sweet spot. Huntley’s affiliate, Huntley & Huntley Energy Exploration, is now preparing to develop this acreage position with drilling scheduled to start late 2017. We are proud to be Southwestern Pennsylvania’s only legacy, privately-held oil and natural gas company developing the Marcellus Shale, and we are committed to being best-in-class in all that we do.

Today, Huntley & Huntley services also include intermediating between driller/operators and financial investors; month-to-month management of producing wells and fields including well work-overs, stimulations, sidetracks, and facility expansions; collection and disbursement of production payments and royalties; and financial management and reporting to land owners and investors. 


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Subsidiaries & Affiliates

Huntley & Huntley Energy Exploration

An institutional joint venture that invests in the Marcellus and Utica regions of Southwestern Pennsylvania. 

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Bow & Arrow Land Company

A locally owned land development company headquartered in southwestern Pennsylvania.

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H & M Holdings

H&M Holdings is a local company that focuses on non-operating mineral interests and related real-estate ventures.

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