What to Expect from a Seismic Survey

Landowners will experience little impact during a seismic survey. You will see some of our workers on your property for brief periods over the course of two or three months. Download our brochure here.

PERMIT AGENTS: A representative of the company Huntley & Huntley has hired to complete the seismic testing will meet with you and discuss the project using a map of your property for reference.

SURVEYORS: Landowners will see people marking locations with water-soluble non-hazardous paint, colored flagging or stakes.

DRILLING AUGERS: On larger parcels of land, it may be necessary to drill holes using a portable auger. The holes will be three inches in diameter and 20-30 feet in depth; augers are environmentally friendly and leave a minimal footprint. The holes are loaded with a small seismic charge and backfilled to state specifications. These small charges are used to generate sound waves below the ground surface, which is how the seismic data is recorded.

RECORDING INSTRUMENTS: Our crew will lay out a series of ‘ground microphones’ called geophones. These instruments record the sound waves generated by the small charges in the holes. To reduce the need for driving on landowners property, we use helicopters for the movement of bags of geophones to required locations. The geophones are small and buried a few inches deep by hand; the location of each geophone is marked either by paint or by a flag.

VIBRATOR TRUCKS: Strings of vibrators will be arranged in small groups on roads and their source will create sound waves. These trucks stay in each location for only short periods of time – usually just a few minutes – then move slowly in formation to the next location.

COMPLETION: Crew workers will pick up all the geophones, stakes and survey flags and will be certain to fill any holes. Restoration is an important part of the survey process. We respect landowners and their property and ensure we mitigate any impact.

SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION: Seismic surveys are carried out by professionals who are committed to the safe completion of every aspect of their work. Our teams undergo regular safety and environmental management training to stay current with best practices and guidelines of the energy development industry. Land that is accessed for survey completion is fully restored following the completion of the survey.



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