Report: Amount of Marcellus, Utica natural gas higher than in 2011


The amount of recoverable natural gas in the Marcellus and Utica shale formations in the Appalachian Basin is significantly greater than previously thought, according to a new estimate by th…

Huntley & Huntley adopts new name, focus


Huntley & Huntley Energy Exploration, a natural gas company with several unconventional wells in Allegheny and Westmoreland counties, is rebranding itself as Olympus Energy LLC.Read More…

Huntley & Huntley Energy renamed Olympus Energy


Huntley & Huntley Energy Exploration LLC, a privately held independent natural gas company in the Appalachian basin, has changed its name to Olympus Energy LLC. Read More

Two new Marcellus shale gas sites proposed in Upper Burrell


Huntley & Huntley has applied to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for permits to drill unconventional gas wells at two sites in Upper Burrell.

Experts Say Slow Growth Ahead for PA Marcellus in 2019


Experts say to expect in 2019 what we saw in 2018–slow and steady growth. We’d point out that every single quarter in both PA and OH we set new record high natgas production records.

Pittsburgh Utility Experiments with NatGas Fuel Cells in Homes


This nifty little invention, called a fuel cell, uses natural gas in a *chemical* reaction to create electricity.

PA Seeks Comments on Boosting Shale Permit Fees 250%


PA Gov. Tom Wolf’s DEP... “blindsided” the shale industry in February with a proposal to hike the application fee to drill. It’s now time for your voice to be heard...

Gov. Wolf signs no-new-taxes Pa. budget


Gov. Wolf signed into law the state’s $32.7 billion budget Friday evening, ... But it does not include some of the governor’s key requests, such as a tax on natural gas drillers.

Penn Twp Frack Ban Decision Now in Hands of Local Judge


Below is a recap of the case and the testimony given this week…

Testimony concludes in Penn Township fracking case


The fate of fracking in Penn Township is in a judge's hands after four days of testimony featuring more than 20 witnesses and more than 100 documents presented as evidence.

Penn township fracking battle continues in court


The battle over fracking in Penn Township returned to a Westmoreland County courtroom Monday with residents discussing their experiences and fears about unconventional gas well drilling.

Penn Twp About to Adopt Meaningless (?) Injection Well Ban


Nobody has even whispered the hint of wanting to locate a wastewater injection well in Penn Township–ever. It is a meaningless gesture–unless you consider that Protect PT calls the injection…

H&H About to Drill Well in Upper Burrell as Antis Plead with Judge


The latest twist is that antis are asking a judge to rule that the supervisors... erred in their decision to grant final approval for H&H’s drilling plans.

Greek gods have gas well namesakes in Upper Burrell


Upper Burrell residents have Greek gods as neighbors at a Marcellus natural gas well site, where the names Zeus and Thalia are used.

Upper Burrell residents asking judge to overturn OK for gas well pad


A group of Upper Burrell residents hopes to overturn supervisors' approval of a planned natural gas well pad in the township and is awaiting a Westmoreland County judge's decision.

Seismic testing nodes stolen in Murrysville


Nine seismic testing sensors were stolen from properties along Manorvue Court last week, according to Murrysville police.

$597,000 maintenance agreement inked for Allegheny Township Marcellus well


Allegheny Township and Huntley & Huntley... recently finalized an excess maintenance agreement for $597,000 to pay for damage and impact to roads for the development of the Marcellus Shale..…

Murrysville council places additional conditions on Huntley & Huntley pipeline construction


Murrysville council placed a couple of conditions on Monroeville drillers Huntley & Huntley as the company prepares to build a small pipeline.

Natural gas driller gives inside look at seismic testing


Huntley & Huntley Inc. is working with Cougar Land Services and Geokinetics, both Texas-based, to conduct the seismic testing project.

Monroeville, PA Antis Want 100% Ban on Fracking, Pipelines


Limiting fracking to an impossibly small 150 acres (out of 12,620 acres) that make up Monroeville–a mere 1% of the acreage–is not enough of a ban for radical antis...They want it all banned.…

Huntley and Huntley to seek approval for new Penn Township fracking wells


Huntley and Huntley Energy Exploration will present plans for its proposed Gaia well pad to the Penn Township Zoning Hearing Board at 7:30 p.m.

Want to tour a fracking site? Penn Township may get the chance


Huntley & Huntley Energy Exploration has decided to pull back the curtain at a well pad in Penn Township near its border with Murrysville.

Lower Burrell to be 'thumped' to test for natural gas fracking sites


Oil and natural gas exploration and production company Huntley & Huntley Inc. is using two companies to conduct seismic testing in Lower Burrell.

Monroeville Pushes Ban on NatGas Activity, Incl. Drilling & Plants


In September, Monroeville Council voted to enact a super-restrictive seismic testing ordinance

Penn Twp. ZHB Agenda


Penn Township Zoning Hearing Board will meet Thursday, Jan. 11 at 7 p.m. for hearings regarding Huntley & Huntley Energy Exploration's Gaia and Metis Well Site.

Murrysville PA Approves Dominion Plan to Expand Compressor Stn


Dominion recently received an important approval from Murrysville, PA (Westmoreland County) Council to expand the existing JB Tonkin compressor station.

Driller files first fracking application for Murrysville


Monroeville drillers Huntley & Huntley have requested state permits for the Titan Well Pad project

Update on PA Severance Tax Bill – More Progress, House Leaves Town


Much progress was made in the past 2 days. Some amendments passed, some failed, and then the House "abruptly adjourned" late last night without voting on the bill itself.

Pa. must focus on STEM


The continued boom in Marcellus shale gas drilling is one example of why Pennsylvania needs a growing, skilled STEM workforce.

Marcellus shale drilling company pitches fracking to A-K Valley business leaders


Huntley & Huntley Energy Explorations of Monroeville will announce the new wells when approvals are finalized sometime next year, according to Paul Burke, vice president and general counsel …

Penn Twp Ninny Nannies File Lawsuit to Block Apex, H&H Wells


A group of ninny nannies calling themselves Protect PT (Penn Township, Westmoreland County), backed with money and legal help from Big Green group PennFuture, filed a lawsuit to try and stop…

Pittsburgh-based Water Provider for Shale Drillers Expanding


HydroEdge is on track to increase its 2017 revenue 67 percent to approximately $13.2 million with $2.7 million in EBITDA.

Injection Wells and Zoning Amendments on Penn Twp. Agenda


Putting amendments to Penn Township's zoning ordinance immediately into effect will be on the commissioners agenda Wednesday night.

Marcellus Natural Gas Lowers Bills For All Americans


“In terms of cost, shale gas has been a clear win for consumers," Christina Simeone, Director of policy and external affairs, University of Pennsylvania’s Kleinman Center for Energy Policy

More permits, more drilling equals more Pennsylvania natural gas


Overall, the state accounts for 19 percent of the country's natural gas production and most of that is coming from the Marcellus shale formation.

Plum, PA Gives Huntley & Huntley Green Light for Shale Drilling


Huntley and Huntley of Monroeville is developing its Midas well on 92 acres near Coxcomb Hill Road in Plum.

Monroeville, PA Passes Restrictive Seismic Testing Ordinance


In September, Monroeville Council voted to enact a super-restrictive seismic testing ordinance.

Blackstone Group Invests $250M+ in Driller Huntley & Huntley


The WSJ says Blackstone has invested $250 million in Huntley & Huntley, a privately-held, Pennsylvania-based corporation that’s been around since 1912.

Huntley & Huntley Targets New Drilling in Westmoreland County, PA


On Monday city officials from Lower Burrell (Westmoreland County), PA asked a lot of tough questions of seismic contractors hired by Huntley and Huntley to map the township–presumably (and t…

Monroeville Approves Seismic Testing Ordinance


Seismic testing is now further regulated in Monroeville...

Marcellus shale conference in Pittsburgh


The seventh annual Shale Insight Conference opens...

Pennsylvania not fully capitalizing on its Marcellus shale


Pennsylvania is realizing only a fraction of its economic potential...

Marcellus, Utica, DJ Basin shale gas pipeline builders updates


Construction to help build a pipeline section to enable Marcellus shale...

Energy Spotlight: M. Christopher Doyle


M. Christopher Doyle was lured into the energy business by a scholarship from...


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